Creating And Preserving Precious Family Memories 

 We live in a world where technology dominates and information flashes across the globe in the blink of an eye. Obsessed with work and staying busy, it can be easy to lose sight of the most important things in life, like spending time with family. Our children are grown and gone before you know it, and when we look back on our past we want to remember more than the stress of the daily grind. That’s why it’s so important to take the time to slow down, create lifelong memories with people you love, and then look for ways to preserve those memories for future generations as well as our own enjoyment. 

Creating A Cozy Living Space With Custom Blankets 

Having a warm and inviting home can help bring the family together. To unwind from the stress of the day you can pile up the couch with pillows and blankets to read books, watch movies, or enjoy some quiet conversation. Use soft seating and warm lighting options to create a relaxing atmosphere to relax in. 

Custom woven or printed photo blankets are a beautiful way to capture and display family memories. With the woven or fleece photo blankets from The Memories Place, you can highlight a collage of photos from a period in time, a family vacation, or of children growing up. You’ll love being able to snuggle up surrounded by photos of your loved ones. Custom throws and blankets make the perfect gifts for:

* And so much more 

 While printed blankets are nothing new, the woven photo blankets are a more recent invention and are true works of art. You can combine several photos with text and patterns to make something very unique that represents your family. 

 Don’t forget family pets! Do you know someone that’s obsessed with their dog or cat? Or how about something that recently lost a furry friend who was a big part of their life? A photo blanket featuring those puppy dog eyes and kitten paws will help warm their hearts and make a very thoughtful gift. Custom pet photo blankets can help you remember all the animals that helped make your life’s journey wonderful. 

Take A Road Trip And Make A Photo Book 

Nothing holds a candle to creating entertaining family memories quite like taking a long road trip together. Unlike other vacations, during a road trip, the journey is the point of the adventure. You can collect all sorts of fun memories and photos along the way. Ask anyone with siblings about spending the day side by side in the backseat of the car, singing at the top of their lungs, and arguing over elbow space, and you’ll see just now far-reaching those memories are. 

Driving through cities and rural landscapes as you cross the country are sights and sounds your children will never forget. Not to mention the fun of family car games, eating at greasy spoons, and staying in unique motels every night. Here are some classic road trips you can take together in the US: 

From NYC To Niagara: Take an 11-day journey from New York City, through the Amish villages of Pennsylvania, and finally stop at the iconic Niagara Falls. You can also stop in Boston and even Toronto. This is a great family trip and Niagra Falls is a very romantic spot for mom and dad as well. 

Route 66: A classic tour of America’s most well-known roads that starts in St. Louis, Missouri, and passes sights like the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. It all wraps up in sunny LA. If you want to drive the whole thing it’s going to take almost a month, maybe do a section at a time! As they say, you’ll get your kicks on Route 66! 

Big Sur: If you’re a family of beach lovers then you’ll enjoy a road trip coving California’s most beautiful coastal areas along Highway 1. This trip is just a short 4 days but you can stretch it out with fun stops along the way, spending a few days at your favorite beaches. California is a great place to take advantage of homey living arrangements like AirBnB. 

Once you’ve returned from your trip, preserve the memories by uploading our photos to a service like Shutterfly to make a custom photo book. We store so many of our photos “in the cloud” these days so there is nothing like a tangible photo gift that can get passed down over time. 

Don’t forget - photo collages can also be used to create beautiful cozy woven blankets you can give as gifts to each family member that helped make the trip special. 

Bring Back Home Movies And Capture Family Traditions On Film 

 Go a step beyond a photo that’s worth a thousand words with a full video that captures the sights and sounds to build an emotional masterpiece. We spend a lot of time capturing short videos on our smartphones and uploading them in spurts to social media but that doesn’t help create a family archive. Why not put related videos together and make some good old fashion family home videos? You can upload and share the videos on services like YouTube where you can make a private account shared only with family. You can also send digital copies to family and friends for them to store and watch on their computers or TVs at home. 

Capture memories of holiday traditions, vacations, and even weekly family games nights to watch over and over. While once in a lifetime’s events are always fun to look back on like weddings and graduations, one day you’ll realize that you really miss the day to day activities doing things with your kids and spouse around the house. Don’t forget to capture life’s little moments along with the big ones!

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