In today’s tech world we are spending big bucks on Father’s Day. It’s estimated that Americans will spend over $15 billion on dad this year, or an average of $133 for a family. While it’s true dad’s love gadgets and nice things, you don’t have to dip that far into your budget to give dad something special this year. Get the family together, pool your money and take a look at these items, all for $100 or less.

World’s Greatest Dad Photo Blanket. For under $90 you can give dad a custom photo blanket from The Memories Place that he can use to stay warm. Our World’s Greatest Dad blanket is something truly personal and adds a special touch. Add your favorite picture of dad and choose your own optional heading with a personal message for dad.

Insulated Bottle. More practical than personal, an insulated bottle is something that all dads need. Whether they want their beer to stay cold (or hot chocolate warm) at the game, or need something simple to stay hydrated at a work site, an insulated bottle is something dad can use for work or play.

Fitbit. Yes tech can come pretty cheap. Fitbit and other fitness trackers that can be worn are usually found online for under $60. Get a good quality one, and don’t go for the cheapest model. Check reviews for accuracy reports as well. But for a dad looking to get in shape a Fitbit will help him stay on track so he can celebrate many more father’s days to come.

Non-stick Frying Pan. A good frying pan can be found for under $50 and if dad likes to cook (or if he’s single and forced to cook) a good non-stick pan is a staple for his kitchen. It’s my experience that the non-stick pans can wear down frequently, so if he’s had one for a few years he will love having a replacement.

Grilling Tools. If dad is less of a kitchen cook and more of an outdoor chef grilling tools are always a good investment. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at a cookout and seen men grilling using old, worn out tools. It makes it harder to flip and can lead to disasters that ruin a  summer picnic. A good set of new grilling tools cost under $50 and will make a world of difference at your family’s next cookout.

Tickets to the Game. Buy dad tickets to a sporting event that you can both go to together. Decent tickets (depending on your market) can go for $30 each. Take my advice: if dad is older, avoid the nosebleeds. Get him some seats that are more accessible. He and his knees with thank you!

Get your Father’s Day orders to us several weeks in advance so we can make sure dad gets your gift in time! And for more gift ideas and unadvertised specials like us on Facebook.

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