Photo Blankets:

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the impact a full-size woven photo blanket would have on your loved ones! Take a memorable picture of your parents, or your baby’s first steps, or your pet’s cutest pose, and preserve them into a cozy gift idea.
With their versatility and popularity, personalized photo blankets can always be trusted to be the show-stoppers at any occasion. Cherish your special moments in a unique and comfy manner by gifting your special someone a custom photo blanket from The Memories Place!

Wall Hanging Photo Tapestry:

Let your walls tell the story of your achievements, unforgettable moments and favorite memories by adorning them personalized photo tapestries. If you'd like a truly unique and extraordinary way to remember significant moments and events in your life, there could be no better way to do it than transforming your precious photos into a stunning woven wall hanging tapestry. Ideal as custom gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, graduations, and retirements, photo tapestries are a great way to preserve cherished moments and present them in a unique way to your loved ones.

Picture Pillows:

Let your loved ones feel the warmth of your love as they cuddle a personalized photo pillow and cherish the memories it brings to their minds. Photo pillows can be a unique addition to living room and bedroom décor, and offer your loved ones endless comfort by making them feel special. Once you opt for picture pillow to personalize your gifts, choose from pet pictures, wedding photos, or the memories of your last trip together, to get a single picture displayed or have a picture collage whisper your love and appreciation in the soft corners of your loved ones’ homes.

Canvas Art:

They may be old fashioned, but canvas art maintains its position as the most versatile and affordable way of personalizing gifts for your special someone! They come in different shapes, sizes, textures and qualities and can perfectly personalize the things that are most important to you or your loved ones. Be it a high resolution picture turned into a canvassed work of art or a meaningful message customized to your personal tastes, canvas art has something to offer to everyone. It will surprise you how a bright photo canvas can add color and a dash of memories to your home décor, become a conversation piece during a get together, or becomes a cherished heirloom between generations.

Picture Totes and Handbags:

If your friends love to flaunt their families, pets, fabulous vacation spots or their posh cars, why not gift them a personalized picture tote or handbag from The Memories Place, displaying their favorite memories? Your friend’s favorite photograph will always be on the go with them as their picture tote bag! Let them take memories by having them woven into a custom photo handbag or a trendy tote. Personalized tote bags offer crystal clear and crisp renditions of cherished memories, and can be a wonderfully unique gift idea to make your loved ones feel special. Pick up a single photo, or two different ones for the front and rear sides, or have a subtle combination of an image on a solid-colored background, one can never really go wrong with personalized photo totes and handbags!