Fall is an amazing time to capture family memories. Here are a few fun photo ideas to explore with your loved ones this fall:

Kids playing in leaves. It’s the timeless classic for a photo op: The kids destroying the pile of leaves that someone spent all day raking up. Instead of doing the work first, let the kids play around in the leaves on the ground and capture the fun that ensues! 

Pumpkin carving. Carving pumpkins is a popular fall activity for families. Capture the fun from start to finish with photos of your pumpkin carvings. Let the kids design their own pumpkins and help them trace (depending on their age) and showcase the results in a photo collage.

Bonfires. If you’re lucky to have a fire pit in your backyard, fall is a great time to utilize it and capture the memories with lots of photos. Take a few shots of the kids making s’mores, and of dad or mom telling spooky ghost stories (with the kids reactions). Keep in mind: phone cameras need the flash on and it’s best to use a quality camera for night time photos. 

Hayrides. When I was a kid my favorite part of fall was the hayrides. Usually my friends and I would act up a bit and start throwing the hay, but hopefully your kids are a little better behaved than I was. The best time to take photos of hayrides is at the beginning when the kids are at their most excited. See if you can follow the ride by foot or bike and capture the kids on the ride from outside of the truck. 

On hiking trails. Get out in nature this fall and take some family photos on hiking trails. The trails offer a lot of the colors of fall, from the leaves in the trees to the ones on the ground and will provide the best backdrop for great fall photos. Be courteous of other hikers and don’t pose the pictures for too long, giving everyone on the trail the chance to keep moving when necessary. Mornings and afternoons are the best time to take photos in wooded areas, when you have the most help from natural lighting.

Don’t forget, capture all the memories of your family this fall on a collage photo blanket that is full of your favorite fall memories! It’s easy to upload your favorite pictures on our site and we will send you layout options for your approval. For more photo tips and ideas find us on Facebook.

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