As you can see, these kinds of events are very personal and things that are sources of pride and happiness for the people celebrating them. The gifts you give to these kinds of milestone events need to be memorable as well. 

That is why photo blankets are the ideal milestone gifts for any occasion. 

A significant birthday is something that is very important to the person celebrating the event. In many cases, the 21st birthday winds up being a pretty significant event for most people. A great gift for a 21st birthday party can be a collage photo blanket that includes the best pictures from the birthday person's past. Many families look at the 21st birthday as a significant milestone as well. A photo blanket can be a great way for a family to share in a person's 21st birthday and give a gift that will last forever. 

When a child is born, the parents' lives will change forever. The first good picture of the new child should be the background to a photo blanket that the parents will use and appreciate for a long time. When a new parent can wrap her child in a blanket that has her child's picture on it, then that is something the parent will never forget. It is also the kind of gift that the parents can pass on to the child when he has children of his own. 

 As a wedding gift, a collage photo blanket can be something that the bride and groom will never forget. On those cold winter mornings, the couple can curl up with a blanket made up entirely of their memories from the moment they met to the day they were married. If you want to give a very special photo blanket for a wedding gift, then have one made from the actual wedding picture and give the couple a gift to be treasured for many years, and many generations, to come. 

When it comes to great milestone gifts that capture a significant moment in time, it is hard to beat a photo blanket. A warm, woven or fleece photoblanket with a significant picture on it can be something that people will use and treasure for the rest of their lives. Mark a special time in one's life with photo blankets at