The most common question we get when someone wants to create a photo blanket is “Will photos I take on my phone be quality enough for the blanket?” The short answer is yes, most likely. Today’s phones have cameras on them that rival professional equipment. However it depends on what phone you’re using. If you’re still loving the flip phones that pre-date the iPhone, you’re not going to have the same quality photos of the more recent smartphone models. However if you’re using a smartphone and still not getting pictures you like, there are a few steps to ensure the most professional photos with your phone.

Make sure the settings are correct. This one gets me sometimes on Android phones. Typically the camera on your smartphone will be set to take pictures in the highest quality. But sometimes the default is set to a lower quality. Check the settings on your camera app and make sure you’re taking photos using the best quality possible.

Watch the lighting. If there’s one area cameras on phones don’t match up to professional cameras, it’s with low light. Smartphone cameras do not do well with low light and the built in flash doesn’t come close to correcting things. Try to take outdoor photos at the right time (or the Golden Hour, as the pros describe it). That’s an hour after sunrise, or an hour before sunset. Play with different angles to correct the light as needed. Be patient and take several photos of the same subject in as many angles as you deem necessary.

Clean your lens. Our phones are some of the most bacteria-filled things we have. And gunk can accumulate without much effort, including on the camera lens. Use a gentle lens cleaning solution with a soft rag and clean the lens before you are going to use it for photos. If you don’t have a cleaning solution, make sure to have a microfiber cloth handy.

Use gridlines. Gridlines are available on most smartphone camera apps and they will help you take pictures very professionally. Pro photographers use a rule of thirds, which means the photo should be broken-down into thirds, both horizontally and vertically. If you put points of interest along those lines, the photo will be more quality. Shooting photos in landscape mode will help you keep the rule of thirds.

Using these simple tips will help you take photos like the pros with your smartphone! When you’re ready you can upload the photos to our site to make the perfect collage photo blanket that captures all of your new memories! For more photo tips and tricks like us on Facebook.

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