1. Graduation Photo Blanket. We offer two different types of graduation photo blankets, a single photo or multiple photo collage grad blankets. You can't go wrong with either choice, and you'll save with us while getting a quality present.

Our graduation photo blankets start at $59.95 and will help your grad remember the important moments of his or her academic life forever! If you don't want to go the photo route, we also offer the ability to put your grad's diploma on a photo blanket!
2. Streaming media device. Whether it's a Roku, Chromecast or other popular option, younger Americans are ditching cable and buying streaming media devices for their entertainment needs. Most are under $100 for basic HDMI devices and give your grad a study break with access to live sports, Hulu, Netflix and much more.
3. Coffee maker. What better way to usher a grad into the real world than by reminding them their days of sleeping until Noon are over! Single serve coffee makers are great for high school grads heading to college, who won't have mom or dad to act as a backup alarm.
4. Portable Foosball Table. Several game manufactures sell portable foosball tables that are small enough for any college dorm or starter studio apartment. While apps and electronics may seem like the safe bet, your grad will love something they can play during their downtime with friends.
5. Personal Audio Devices. Portable speakers are extremely popular among graduates and high on their wish-lists. While many can be expensive ($300+) there are affordable mini portable speakers that are perfect for the grad in your life who loves the outdoors, beach, or someone headed to a dorm.
6. Chocolate. Give your grad something sweet to celebrate! Ghirardelli sells a graduation gift box for under $50 with a special congratulations message. You can order it online or find it, this time of the year, in most big box stores.
7. Headphones. This is especially popular for high school grads going to college. They will have roommates and will want a nice pair of headphones to use in the dorm to tune out the background noise. Beats headphones are most popular, and they have several options that are under $100.
Whether your grad is leaving high school and heading to college or leaving college for the real world, these ideas will be popular, used often and appreciated! For more gift ideas, home decorating tips and to view our full catalog, follow our Pinterest boards.