Kids love taking pictures, so why not give them a great gift involving some of their favorite snapshots?

Whether it's a family portrait, memories from vacation, or a birthday party, photos can be a great gift. But kids often want something more tangible than just a picture alone. That's why we are going to take you through 5 photo personalized gifts for kids that they'll love.

1. Custom Photo Blanket 

A photo blanket can make a picture come to life with its large size and excellent quality. You'll be able to put a great memory that you're child has, like a great vacation or winning a sporting event, on a blanket that they will use every day. Kids love sleepovers, making forts, and definitely their "blankies." Imagine being able to put their favorite picture on a warm, soft blanket for them to have on their bed. Or, they can use it in an epic fort building adventure! They will love it. They will be able to snuggle up in a warm, cozy blanket surrounding by an awesome memory. You could also hang it up on a wall in their bedroom, to give them a huge version of on of their favorite pictures. 

 2. Photo Calendar 

With a photo blanket, you'd be able to put only one of your child's favorite pictures onto a blanket they'll love. But if there are many pictures you want to include in the personalized gift, then a photo calendar might be the way to go. Each month, you could put themed pictures of memories of your family and events in your child's life. December could be a holiday picture collage, August could be photos from your summer vacation at the beach, October could feature them trick or treating with their friends. Your child's birthday month could feature past parties with friends and family. You can really get creative with this one. Give your child a calendar they'll eagerly put up on their wall. This is also a gift that they'll be able to use all year round. Each month can be customized for your child and what they like the most. 

 3. Photo Mouse Pad 

It's no secret that kids nowadays are very technologically-savvy. This means that they are likely using the computer (and maybe know more about it than you do!) If your child loves the computer, playing computer games, or even is often at the computer doing school work, a personalized mouse pad is an awesome gift. Instead of a plain colored or generic mouse pad, they could look down at themselves scoring a winning touchdown. Or, they could see themselves playing in the snow with their friends. This is one of those personalized gifts for kids that they will be able to use all the time and see every day. Combining great memories and technology will definitely go over well with the kids. 

 4. Custom Jigsaw Puzzle 

All of the personalized gifts for kids that we have mentioned so far are definitely practical. They are useable items that both kids and adults would be happy with. But we all know that kids love to get one thing the most when receiving a gift: toys. That's why a customized photo jigsaw puzzle is the perfect combination of personalization and fun. Yet again, you can use any picture that you like that your child loves. Then, you can have it made into a puzzle. For younger kids, you can get an easier puzzle. For the older ones, you can decide how hard you want to make it! This is a gift perfect for all ages. It can even be used as a family activity. In fact, research studies have shown that doing puzzles with your kids can help them with their development, cognitive skills, problem solving, and more. It can even boost their social skills. Kids will love that they are getting a toy that is also specific to them. Putting together a jigsaw of a beach scene is fun. However, it might be even more fun to put together a puzzle of familiar faces having fun on the beach. 

 5. Plates, Cups, and Bottles 

Kids sometimes form attachments to seemingly normal objects. It seems that having a special plate, cup, or water bottle is a common experience shared by many kids (and even some adults.) So why not give them a special plate or cup that has been customized specially for them? As with the other gift ideas, this is something that your child will be able to use every day and see all the time. You can design the special plate or cup with whatever picture you choose. You can also select other design elements and templates. It can also be a game for those of you with picky eaters. They'll have to eat everything on the plate in order to see the fun picture underneath. A personalized water bottle is also a great gift. You can customize a water bottle your child will love to show off to their friends at school or summer camp. This also has a practical side. Having a really cool water bottle is a great way to get your kids to drink more water. Personalized Gifts for Kids are Unique and Memorable Getting great gifts for kids doesn't have to be the same old toy and candy. Kids, just like adults, enjoy remembering fun times they've had. They especially like special things made just for them. You can make your child feel special while giving them a gift they'll love with one of these 5 personalized gifts for kids. They're practical, fun, and enjoyable for your child and the whole family. If you're interested in creating a personalized photo gift for your child, or anyone else you would like to give a gift to, contact us. We can help you make a high quality keepsake that your loved one will have for years to come.