Memory Photo Blanket
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Memory Photo Blanket

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The Memories Place offers much more than just memorializing those special moments; it's equally a place for helping you rediscover the values of the heart. These values of the heart can only be found in those areas of life that matter the most to us - home, family, loved ones, special occasions and iconic moments.

Our memories are as fresh and unique as the dawning of a new day. Just as each new day is full of abundant potential and opportunity, so do those special memories represent something significant and valuable in our lives. These memories can be found in special corners of our hearts, reserved only for the people and the places we most hold dear.

For this reason, The Memories Place makes it incredibly easy to create something special and unique to forever capture that memory and make it come alive! The Memories Place offers many ways in which to steal away that moment and "lock" it away forever in a photo-blanket.

Our products are as unique as the memories themselves that we are forever capturing in high-quality, high-color fashion - making for one unforgettable gift!

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