Mother’s Day is just around the corner. And if you are stuck on trying to find the perfect gift for mom, you can find affordable gifts that will delight and bring joy to mom under $75. 

Photo blanket. A photo blanket is a great gift for mom. Our Mother’s Day Photo Blanket starts at just $59.95 and gives you a unique and special gift for mom this Mother’s Day. Simply upload a picture of your family, kids, pet or special moment and we’ll weave it into the perfect present that mom can use all year long.

Polish pottery. I’m not a fan of getting mom kitchen stuff for Mother’s Day. It seems to send the wrong message. However my mom loves her Polish pottery. It’s been around for centuries, but a pretty popular trend in 2019. You can buy individual plates and collections for well under $75.

Tickets. Last year I took mom to a botanical garden. The tickets for 3 people were under $50. A few years ago I flew into town and we went to a baseball game. Whatever mom enjoys doing, take her out for a day that she will enjoy. The gift of time is most important to moms and most places you can afford tickets plus a lunch or dinner after.

Voice Controlled Device. Google has Home, Amazon has Alexa, Apple has Siri. These devices are popular among moms and dads of a certain age, and most are under $75. Voice controlled devices help your mom stay organized, search for recipes, order items, check news and more. Just make sure that she has a cell phone. My girlfriend’s mom just shouts her grocery list items into her Alexa. But without the cell phone it doesn’t actually go anywhere! Set it up for them and show them how it works and they’ll love it.

Gift Cards. A bit impersonal, gift cards are sometimes what mom wants. My mom loves having lunch at her favorite restaurant with her girlfriends, so it makes sense to get a gift card for her to eat free a few times. Make it personal, something mom will actually use and you can customize the gift card to the budget that fits your needs.

Beauty Products. For moms who like a lot of stuff, look for beauty products. Perfumes, lotions, soaps and bath enhancers can all be combined into one large gift for under $75. Shop online for discount, or knock off perfumes. They’re made from the same ingredients as the brand name, without the markup. Just read reviews of the company before you buy so you’re sure you get the best quality.

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