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Personalized Blankets

Posted by Picture Blankets on 10/3/2015 to Photo Blankets

Even while times are hard, most of us can afford to buy everything we need, which makes buying gifts for special occasions difficult. A personalized blanket is the answer to that particular problem, especially for someone close or whom you care about. 

There is nothing as personal and as sacred as our memories. The ability to look back on our past is one of the defining features of what it is to be human. As far as we know, we are the only species on the planet who has a long-term memory, and who can recall and relive events from times gone by. 

Why not celebrate this with a personalized blanket covered in some of those memories?   We exert a lot of effort recording our lives. We take pictures, videos, write down our thoughts and dreams. We interact with others, make scrap books, memory quilts and so much more. 

But with the best will in the world, we still tire of them. They end up in cupboards, gathering cobwebs in a corner, or hung on a wall in a room we no longer use. A personalized blanket is the exact opposite of all those. It has a use, it keeps us warm, it’s a wrap, a comforter, something to keep our feet toasty in the bed, or a throw to cover furniture or decorate a wall. 

However you use it, a personalized blanket is a great way to keep memories alive. It’s also a great gift that will truly mean something special.  

Money CAN buy happiness, in the form of these personalized blankets. No need to buy generic gifts that anyone can get, no need to get lost in the pile of presents at Christmas. Buy a gift that will surely stand out from the crowd and bring more joy than all the rest put together. Buy a personalized blanket for yourself, for a partner, family member, or whoever. Just buy one, they make all the difference in the world.

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