Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to take care in your gift for someone you love. Creating something special will create a new memory that you can both share. These days you can customize anything, even jewelry. A special message, a funny photo, the options are endless. Here are a few of our favorite choices for personalized Valentine’s Day gift ideas:

Valentine’s Day Photo Blanket. This photo blanket from The Memories Place features a deep, stunning red border full of hearts and heartfelt messages. On the right is where you can create. Place a picture of your choosing of the two of you at your most happy. Some ideas include a picture of your wedding day, favorite captured vacation memory, or just a nice candid to bring a smile to their face.

Canvas Art. Recently we moved and I created a custom canvas art piece of our family photos, arranged exactly in the layout of the old house. The gift was a hit. Canvas art allows you to take your imagination to any world. Canvas art can be photos, messages of love, or any creation of your choosing. There are people selling hundreds of different canvas art options to make your’s truly custom.

Flower pot. On Valentine’s Day, flowers rule. I’ve never liked buying flowers that last so little. True they give a lot of joy, but why not have them around longer? Now you can create custom flower pots with a message or simply your names on each pot. Use them to plant flowers that you can enjoy longer than a few days, or use them to grow your favorite herbs or veggies.

Doormat. Doormats are one of the first customizable gifts. The most popular choice is a doormat with a family name. However you can create any message you want to convey to your guests on a doormat. Maybe it’s as simple as a logo of your partner’s favorite team, or maybe it’s a message of welcome to let people know they are entering a house of love. 

Teddy Bears. Custom bears are all over the place so don’t feel like you need to go for the expensive Build a Bear options. Several years ago I had a bear made for a friend on a college basketball team with her jersey, number and name on the back. It was so cool! 

Plush Animal. We all miss our pets. A number of people on Etsy will create custom stuffed animals that look exactly (or close to) your pet. It’s a great gift for a family member for Valentine’s Day who might have lost a pet recently, but it also works for significant other’s who have pets still with us.

Creating personalized Valentine’s Day gifts don’t have to be too time consuming. A number of websites, like The Memories Place make it easy to upload images, messages, or anything you need to share exactly how strongly you feel for someone you love. So get ordering today and wow them this Valentine’s Day!

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