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Photo Blankets = Great Gifts

Posted by John Lercari on 11/18/2014 to Photo Blankets
The digital age has given us many things. The ability to talk simultaneously across thousands of miles, the ability to take millions of pictures without having to change film, and many other innovations. 
pet photo blanket
Digital photography is a great way of collecting memories, but we seem to waste them by keeping them on the computer. It seems the computer has become the modern day reincarnation of the shoe box for storing all of our photos. 

Why not choose a newer and better innovative way to be constantly reminded of fond memories than photo blankets? 

Our woven photo blankets are a relatively new invention and are made possible thanks to our skilled artists and experienced master weavers. They are the newest, coolest way to display photographs in a tangible way. 

You can touch them, feel them and hold them close. They bring memories to life, and provide plenty of smiles when you’re feeling down. The possibilities are literally endless. 

The best photo blankets are those that mean something to the person using it. Our past, and our memories are about as personal as you can get. Honoring them by immortalizing them in a photo blanket is the perfect way to show someone you care.

No need to shop for generic presents that mean nothing.  No more last-minute shopping for gifts at Christmas. Give a photo blanket as a gift and make a difference. Order a photo blanket from The Memories Place to give a present worth rememberingOrder a photo blanket from The Memories Place to give a present worth remembering. 
Collage Photo Blanket

You don’t have to give them away to reap the benefits. After all, you don’t want to miss out on this wonderful idea. Don’t forget to celebrate your own memories in a blanket too! 

Commemorate a family event, a sports win, a fallen family member, a pet, old friends, even your favorite car. 

Whatever is important to you, our master craftsmen can weave into a blanket.

Photographs are too important to leave in dusty boxes or in a folder on your computer so let them live a little, let them breathe, and let them speak to you in a way only memories can. Photo blankets are soft, comfy, long lasting and they are the perfect medium with which to bring memories to life. 

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