A photo collage blanket allows you to turn some of your favorite photographs into a high-quality, warm and cuddly blanket that you can either display as a stand-alone piece of art or use in much the same way that you would any other blanket. 

As the name would imply, a photo collage blanket is a blanket that features a number of different photographs that you choose in order to create something that is completely one-of-a-kind. 

Sure, you could create a photo blanket that utilizes only a single photograph, but creating a collage allows you to tell an entire story or display some of your favorite photos all in one unique place. Once you see how interesting and unique a collage like it is, you will begin to understand why they are such popular gift ideas for just about every occasion. 

These types of blankets are perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, retirement, regulations, and much, much more. 

The only limitation when it comes to creating one of these like it is your own imagination. You can create a blanket that has a unifying theme or you can just create one that features everything from your favorite landscapes to one that combines photographs of all of the pets that you and your family have had throughout the years.  

If you are looking for the perfect gift to give a couple who are expecting a new baby, there is probably nothing better suited to the occasion than a photo collage blanket. 

Aside from the photos themselves, you can also add graphics, interesting borders, and a number of other effects to enhance and beautify and already special gift. 

As a retirement or anniversary gift, there is really nothing that comes close to what you can create with a collage blanket. 

By choosing the right photographs, you can tell the entire story of a couple's relationship from the moment they first met all the way through their many years together. 

Likewise, a person who is celebrating their retirement will no doubt appreciate a beautiful, high-quality blanket that tells the story of their years spent working hard so that they could provide for their family. 

 A photo collage blanket is also a great gift idea for the college student that is about to leave home for the first time. By including pictures of them as they grew up, you can give them a moment out of home that will keep them warm and cozy even if they are hundreds of miles away. 

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