Giving gifts is really an art form in a sense, because not only do you need to take the recipients personal taste into account, but you must calculate the type of gift they would love to have but would never spend money on for themselves. 

A collage blanket would mix in just enough practicality – because after all, who doesn't need a good blanket – with an artistic gift that can bring back happy memories. 

A grandmother can enjoy a collage of all of her grandchildren on the blanket, while a young college student might like to have a collage of all of their favorite childhood photos on a blanket. 

The possibilities are endless. What you are essentially creating is a mosaic of photographs that will all fit together into a seamless whole for one of the most meaningful and visually interesting gifts imaginable. 

The Memories Place truly understands what you are looking for in this gift and works with you every step of the way to provide you with the spectacular gift you desire.

Normally within hours after you have sent in your images, you will be provided with proposed layouts for your photo collage blanket to choose from.    We continue to work with you to make sure your layout is just what you wanted.

After you select the layout it usually takes two or three business days for weaving and getting it on its way to you. 

If you really want to go for the gusto and give something that will actually be enjoyed, you might want to consider a collage blanket. 

Visit to create a Collage Photo Blanket for the perfect gift for anyone.