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Photo Blanket

Posted by John Lercari on 5/15/2015 to Photo Blankets
Creating a collage photo blanket is an ideal way to keep a bunch of memories in mind all at once. 

A series of photos from a single event or throughout your life is a great way to relive moments. The hardest part is selecting what images to use on the photo blanket! 

Create a photo blanket to record a particular event like high school graduation, college graduation, a wedding, christening, sports win or other event. 

Alternatively, create a timeline of someone‚Äôs life from birth to present day. Create them in order, in rows, columns, or spread over the material. 

Add text, designs, patterns and enjoy your creativity. The ability to truly, completely personalize a photo blanket is why they are so popular. In an age where personal gifts are not so personal, where we can all afford the things we want, choosing a gift for somebody can be very difficult indeed. 

 A photo blanket is the perfect way to amaze someone you care about at a birthday or Christmas. Avoid the lines in the stores, avoid the generic gifts that are quickly forgotten or end up in a cupboard. 

Get a gift that is truly personal, a gift that shows someone you really care. A photo blanket is the ideal expression of affection and a celebration of a life. To be able to recall memories while in bed, or on the sofa is a great thing to give that special someone.

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