The Memories Place makes Beautiful, woven collage photo blankets. The quality is great, but what’s really the best thing about these blankets is they capture people’s lives and tell their story. 

Sometimes people get them for weddings, mothers and fathers day gifts, to send the grandparents or to celebrate an achievement. The owner, John, hears the heartwarming and heart-wrenching stories his blankets tell every day. I think it’s one of the reasons he does what he does. 

But there’s one blanket that is especially moving.

breast cancer photo blanketIt’s the story of two young mothers that have been friends forever. They lived many miles apart but that didn’t matter to their friendship. They are “besties”, though it all, including having to say goodbye too soon. 

Breast cancer cut the life short of one of these fast friends but not without a special photo blanket to cover her friend in family photos and love. This special collage photo blanket was woven with multiple photos of this young mother and her children. It warmed and comforted her in her final days. 

Here is the story of the collage photo blanket that launched a thousand tears. 

“Thank you for the wonderful job and overnight delivery of the blanket. It arrived Thursday morning, one of the last days my best friend had moments where she was somewhat lucid, she passed during the night that Saturday as the blanket covered her with love and memories of her life and her children. It was then given to her daughter who displayed it at both memorial services held in 2 states. It was my last way to say goodbye and tell her I loved her from many miles away. Thank you for that. I will always be grateful. It has taken me a long time to write this because it’s hard to think about those days and the young life lost to breast cancer. Thank you again.” – Kristy B.

If you would like to know more about John and his unique photo blankets you can visit his website, TheMemoriesPlace
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