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Surprise your siblings with a photo blanket

Posted by John Lercari on 9/28/2016 to Photo Blankets

If you are always stuck when you purchase for your siblings’ Christmas gifts, look no further than a photo blanket. 

You only have to think of one gift, which is a bonus during the harried Christmas season. 

With most gifts, you would be embarrassed if people realized that you bought the same one for multiple people. However, that is part of the fun when you buy matching photo blankets for your siblings. 
Of course, you will want to buy one for yourself, too, so that you can all be reminded of the fun you had as little kids and the wonderful experiences that you have shared as adults. 

Be sure that the photo you choose is flattering to everyone, because some people will not find it funny if they are the butt of a group joke.

A sibling photo blanket can be a great gift to give both your parents and grandparents, too. Choose your photo carefully; a shot of you all as children might be fun and nostalgic. Your relatives will love seeing the family they created together once more, something that is difficult as jobs and personal aspirations pull people in many directions. 

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