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Taking Pictures for a Pet Photo Blanket

Posted by John Lercari on 11/7/2015 to Tips & Tricks
Dogs are notoriously difficult to photograph.  Most of them are in your face giving you sloppy kisses or running, running, running all the time.
 Dog Photo Blanket
If you are aiming for a stationary shot, try to get your dog at his or her best time of day. For most, this is somewhere near mid-morning to noon. Make sure he or she gets breakfast, goes potty, and gets a good play session in to burn off some excess energy if your dog is the bouncy type. Before he or she is so tired it is time for a nap, snap a few photos.
Aim to get a full profile of both the left and right side without him or her looking at you. One laying down with the dog looking at you or just generally looking content is also very popular. A sitting pose might be your dog’s best angle. Do not delete any shots right away unless they are blurry. You may find that one you did not like initially is actually perfect for the blanket.
Depending on your cat, getting a quality photograph can be nearly impossible. Because most cats are not trained to a leash, having someone other than their preferred person hold onto or pose them is nearly impossible. Therefore, get the cat’s most preferred person to sit on a chair or other uncluttered surface and try to catch the cat when he or she is in a good mood.
A sitting or lying photograph is usually best. Make sure you have red-eye reduction and possibly a specialty lens on your camera to help avoid red eyes, since cats’ eyes typically reflect solid red or solid green in pictures. Medium, not low, light should help with this problem.
Large Animals: 

Large animals like horses and cattle are actually often the easiest to photograph.
 horse image for photo blanket
Don’t laugh; some people really do love cows, sheep, or goats enough to get a picture blanket with them on it. Most halter-broke large animals can be trained to place their feet and even to perk their ears on command, resulting in a very photogenic appearance.
As long as there is adequate lighting, try to get a profile shot and a three-quarter frontal view. These are usually the most flattering and fully capture the beauty of the animal.
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