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How to Take Professional Photos With Your Phone

Posted by Chris Schieman on 7/2/2018 to Tips & Tricks
The most common question we get when someone wants to create a photo blanket is “Will photos I take on my phone be quality enough for the blanket?” The short answer is yes, most likely. Today’s phones have cameras on them that rival professional equipment. However it depends on what phone you’re using. If you’re still loving the flip phones that pre-date the iPhone, you’re not going to have the same quality photos of the more recent smartphone models. However if you’re using a smartphone and still not getting pictures you like, there are a few steps to ensure the most professional photos with your phone.

6 Creative Kids Photo Ideas

Posted by john lercari on 6/6/2018 to Tips & Tricks
Getting kids to cooperate for photos can be one of the many challenging, yet rewarding aspects of being a parent. Get it right and you have a timeless memory of when they were little. If they’re fussy, you’re looking at a long afternoon. One way to get the best pictures of your kids is to think creatively. If your kids are having fun and relaxed you will get better photos than the staged photos at Sears from yesteryear. Here are a few creative kids photo ideas:

How to Take the Best Photos in Nature

Posted by The Memories Place on 5/2/2018 to Tips & Tricks
June 15th is the 13th annual Nature Photography Day. It was started by the North American Nature Photography Association to advance the cause of the preservation and conservation of nature. Each year the NANPA encourages people who enjoy getting out in nature to capture their environment and share the photos of the natural world.

Unique Wedding Photo Location Ideas

Posted by The Memories Place on 2/5/2018 to Tips & Tricks
February is National Wedding Month. It’s a time when many happy couples begin to plan their summer or fall nuptuals. It’s also a great time to think about what you want to do for wedding photos. Whether you are hiring a professional or doing the photos on your own, your wedding photos will be your primary way to remember your special day. 

How to Take Good Vacation Photos

Posted by John Lercari on 9/5/2017 to Photo Blankets
How to Take Good Vacation Photos
Vacation memories will last a lifetime. You'll always have the stories to share, but what about the pictures? A blurry, out of focus shot will ruin your photo album and that moment in time with your family you want to reflect on for years to come. Here are a few easy tips to get the best vacation photos that you can treasure forever.

The Perks Of Buying Photo Blankets Online

Posted by Johnny Lercari on 10/1/2016 to Photo Blankets

A lot of photo shops have closed their doors because of the digital technology that is taking over the world of photography.

Even a lot of discount retailers that previously had photo labs now only send their pictures away or take them through their websites, making it hard for you to get the most out of your pictures. Of course, technology has made a lot of advancements for the world of photography, too.

Keepsakes are better than ever and when you're able to shop online, you can find great prices on all kinds of memorial items like photo blankets.

Displaying Your PhotoBlanket

Posted by John Lercari on 9/24/2016 to Tips & Tricks
Somehow, nothing makes a house feel like home more than décor you have selected yourself. Once you have been blessed with a picture blanket, whether it was a gift you gave yourself or one that someone else gave you, you will need to know how to integrate it into your décor. There are several conventional ways to display this one of a kind gift.