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The Perks Of Buying Photo Blankets Online

Posted by Johnny Lercari on 10/1/2016 to Photo Blankets

A lot of photo shops have closed their doors because of the digital technology that is taking over the world of photography.

Even a lot of discount retailers that previously had photo labs now only send their pictures away or take them through their websites, making it hard for you to get the most out of your pictures. Of course, technology has made a lot of advancements for the world of photography, too.

Keepsakes are better than ever and when you're able to shop online, you can find great prices on all kinds of memorial items like photo blankets.

Displaying Your PhotoBlanket

Posted by John Lercari on 9/24/2016 to Tips & Tricks
Somehow, nothing makes a house feel like home more than décor you have selected yourself. Once you have been blessed with a picture blanket, whether it was a gift you gave yourself or one that someone else gave you, you will need to know how to integrate it into your décor. There are several conventional ways to display this one of a kind gift.

Taking Pictures for a Pet Photo Blanket

Posted by John Lercari on 11/7/2015 to Tips & Tricks
If you have the luxury of taking a photo of the animal that you will be having a photo blanket made of while it is alive, you will need to follow a few steps to make sure that it comes out right. Taking (or selecting) the perfect image can help keep your pet’s memory alive long after he or she has faded.

Picture Throws

Posted by Jamie Bliss on 11/1/2015 to Tips & Tricks
Taking a photograph, or choosing one for picture throws takes a little practice. There are a few guidelines that you should be aware of so that you can really make the most of this excellent gift. Picture throws are a great way of remember days past, or significant events in your, or someone else’s life. They bring memories to life, breathe new energy into old photographs, and allow you to relive events every day.

Photo Throws

Posted by James Michael on 9/30/2015 to Tips & Tricks
Do you want to know the difference between picture blankets, photo blankets and photo throws? Well, they are all the same. These three names are used to refer to the same thing, a blanket (also known as a throw blanket or throw) with your pictures or photos put on them. There are three main types of photo throws, knitted or woven throws and fleece throws. Knitted or woven picture blankets are made by interweaving multicolored threads together to create an image.

What Makes a Great Family Portrait? Tips and Tricks

Posted by Bryan on 9/23/2015 to Tips & Tricks
We’ve all seen them, the family portrait that appears to be something out of the dusty halls of the Adams Family mansion. All the members standing stick straight and everyone appears to be in a state of excruciating pain. Don't fall victim to the bad family portrait. Follow these steps and make your own family masterpiece!

3 Keys To A Great Photo Blanket Collage

Posted by Jody on 8/25/2015 to Tips & Tricks
Beautiful Collage Photo BlanketWe don't only want you to know what occasions are best for photo blanket collages (the answer to that would be any and all). We also want you to know a few tips and tricks to designing them so that they come out as nicely as possible. We want you to be 110% pleased with your project.

There are keys to taking great photos, some of which can be found HERE but there's definitely more to it, especially when designing a collage. You don't want your project to turn out a cluttered wreck.