Your boss can make your workday a drag or he can turn it into something you look forward to. If your boss goes out of his way to make your workday special, then you can thank him with a photo blanket. 

The photo can be of him, or it can be of the staff. With a special gift like this, you can show your boss how much you appreciate the work he does to make the work you do more enjoyable. 

 If a husband wants to show his wife how much he appreciates her, he could buy her a dozen roses and some chocolates and surprise her. For the same amount of money, he can get a photo blanket made with a picture of her favorite pet on it or even their wedding picture. A dozen roses and a box of chocolates is a nice and unexpected gift. But a photo blanket with your wedding picture on it is going to make a much more significant impact. 

Teenagers can be hard to reach sometimes, no matter how hard parents try. It can sometimes be the little things that help parents to connect with their teenagers. If you take a picture of your teenager's favorite pet and put it on a photo blanket, then you may have found that unexpected gift that helps you and your teenager to better connect. 

Your parents do a lot for you and never ask for anything in return. It would be nice if you surprised your parents with a photo blanket as an unexpected gift. The picture can be of you and your siblings, or it can just be a picture of you. It could even be a gag picture of you cleaning up or doing something else they would not expect. Either way, a gift like a photo blanket will definitely be a way of showing your parents how much you appreciate the hard work they do for you every day. 

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