On this page we will try to answer many of your questions about images.
We will continually add to this FAQ as we receive more questions.
If you have a question and can't locate an answer please email [email protected] or call us at  800-204-5478.
If we are online you can chat with us using the chat link at the bottom of each page.

I’m having trouble uploading my images. Can you help?

If you run into an issue uploading your image(s), please first complete your order without the image. Then, call us toll-free at 800-204-5478 or email John Lercari at [email protected] Please attach your images to the email.
How do I choose the best photo?
  • Almost any photo or flat artwork with a good resolution can be made into a customized photo throw, picture blanket, photo pillow or tote.
  • The best results come from photos that are clear and have good contrast. Your image can be either color or black and white.
  • If you would like the image on your photo throw to be in black and white, we can convert it to grayscale for you.
  • Photos in which part of the subject is in a dark shadow typically don’t work well
  •  Photos that have good contrast with the subject close up work best
  •  You cannot increase resolution if it was not there in the original scan. What appears great on a digital monitor might not translate well to a textile.  
Which DPI settings should I use?

If possible, photos should be scanned at 300 DPI. While 72 DPI is great for the web or email, it’s not enough resolution for a quality picture blanket.


If we find that the resolution on your image is an issue, we will contact you so please check your email and spam filters.
Additionally, if you’re not sure if your photo will work, you can always contact us at 800-204-5478 or by email beforehand.
What image types do you accept?
We will accept .jpg, .tiff, .bmp, and .png.   We also will take .pdf but the image quality is not normally that great so we ask that you scan your images as a .jpg.

Can I use pictures from my camera phone?

Camera phone photos are not accepted for fleece blankets since they do not have the resolution to allow for the enlargement that will take place.    
I've used camera phone photos on many woven blankets and many times they work well.   However.........a digital camera or high resolution scan of a photo is absolutely,  positively the best.
What about Facebook photos?
Stay away from most facebook photos.    They are compressed so they load fast on your screen and that compression makes them lose a lot of resolution.
If I upload photos and they are not good enough,  what happens?
We will never go into production with a photo or photos that we know are substandard and will not produce a spectacular outcome.   We offer a no questions asked 100% guarantee and we take that seriously.  
I've turned down many orders over the years because I do not know how to produce a poor product.    I want your experience with us to be memorable and your photo blanket to be the heirloom you expect it to be.
If your image(s) will not work we will contact you by email and ask for a larger version,  a replacement,  or if you would like a refund.
We take your satisfaction very seriously.

What about copyright issues?

With our continuing efforts to comply with the federal copyright laws, we will not knowingly copy, reproduce, or otherwise transfer an image that includes the copyright notice required by 17 U.S.C. Section 401 unless we receive a signed release from the copyright owner authorizing the manufacturer of this product to use the image for any purpose.

In addition, we will not knowingly copy, reproduce, or otherwise transfer an image that is signed, stamped, or otherwise identified as having been taken by a professional photographer or studio unless we receive a signed release from the photographer or studio us to use the image for any purpose.

Lastly, we will not knowingly copy, reproduce, or otherwise transfer an image which itself includes a copyrighted image without a signed copyright release from the copyright owner authorizing us to use the image for any purpose.