How to Wash a Fleece Blanket, and Stains, and Avoid Fading!

How to Wash a Fleece Blanket, and Stains, and Avoid Fading!

Fleece is one of the warmest and softest fabrics available in the market. Perfect for snuggling up on your bed, sofa, or anywhere you want to be warm, cozy, and relaxed! 

But we have all had those laundry disasters where our favorite blanket has been ruined! So is there a do all way to wash your cuddly fleece blanket to make sure it stays in perfect condition? 

In this article, we are going to find out how to wash your fleece blanket, personalized or picture fleece blankets, and give you the lowdown on how to keep it in tip-top condition. 

Let’s first start with a quick answer as to how to wash a fleece blanket. So you can get started right away with a clean and fresh fleece blanket.


How do I wash a fleece blanket? Washing a fleece blanket and especially a personalized one with a photo is super easy. You can wash it in your regular washing machine using either lukewarm or cold water on a gentle cycle. Don’t use a dryer, simply air-dry for the maximum benefit. Do not use any bleaching agents while washing them.


So now we’ve got the quick takeaway answer, let’s take a quick look at what fleece is so we can better understand how to wash it.

What is fleece?

Traditional fleece is derived from coats of certain animals, such as goats and sheep. 

Artificial fleece, on the other hand, is made using a variety of fibers, both synthetic as well as natural, in order to mimic the texture and insulating properties of traditional animal fleece. 

The surface of the fleece is napped, giving the material its renowned softness and insulation.



“Traditional fleece is derived

 from coats of certain animals, such as goats and sheep.”


 So you might be wondering how to launder your customized fleece photo blankets like a boss! So Read on to find out. 

Pillows, blankets, and pillowcases adorned with your favorite picture or collage of pictures add a very personal touch to your house, providing comfort and warmth at the same time. 

Photo pillows and photo blankets also make thoughtful and memorable gifts. 

So we can understand more fully how to wash your fleece photo blanket, let’s find out how they are made.


How is a fleece photo blanket made?

The synthetic fleece fabric used on a fleece photo blanket is made from polyethylene terephthalate. They can be manufactured using recycled plastic items. 

The desired image is printed on the blanket through a digital printer, by applying controlled heat and pressure. 

In this way, the image becomes a part of the fabric. This method allows for better image quality, however, it also requires images of a much higher resolution as compared to those needed for a woven blanket. 

So now we understand a little more about his fleece blankets with photos made, let’s get down to the detail of how to make it clean and like new in your laundry.

How to Clean Your Fleece Blanket?

The cozy throw blanket you have been snuggling up with during winter, lounging on your sofa or even wrapped around you in your garden can become dirty after time. 

Even if you use it for decoration purposes only, it repeatedly comes in contact with dust, grime, and bacteria. 

Let’s take a look at all the potential nasties that it comes in contact with on an everyday basis:


?     Food crumbs

?     Pet hair

?     Household dust,

?     Food spills,

?     Body oils

?     And more!


The amount of bacteria that might be lurking within the folds of your favorite photo blanket is startling. 

Even if you only use your blanket to hang on a wall, it must be cleaned from time to time.


Taking good care of your personalized photo blanket is not that difficult:


?     You can wash it in your regular washing machine using either lukewarm or cold water, and then air-dry on a gentle cycle. Be careful not to use any bleaching agents while washing them. 

?    Standard fleece blankets should be grouped with fabrics of similar color and then washed in cold water on a gentle cycle, after which they can be air-dried. 

?    You should never steam iron or dry clean since that will most certainly result in melting. Avoid using strong detergents, fabric softeners, and bleach when washing your fleece photo blankets.



You should never steam iron or dry clean

 since that will most certainly result in melting.”


Are there any difficulties when washing a fleece blanket?

The most challenging part of washing a fleece photo blanket, or any other fuzzy throws, such as microfiber and faux fur, is to preserve their amazingly soft texture. 

To prevent matting or pilling, wash your fleece blankets separately in cold water on a gentle cycle. 

Use a minimal amount of detergent, since a greater quantity of it won't make your blanket cleaner. 

It’s using too much detergent in your laundry that will stick the fleece fibers together, which will give your blanket that coarse, rugged texture we are familiar with. 

So you might be wondering after watching your fleece or photo fleece blanket that it might fade during the laundry process? Let’s take a look and find out.


“To prevent matting or pilling,

wash your fleece blankets separately in cold water on a gentle cycle.”


Will Your Photo Blanket Fade?

The pictures on your blanket usually will not fade, since they are a part of the textile, either through weaving or sublimation. 

However, like any other fabric, it is ideal to not leave your photo blanket hanging around in direct sunlight for an extended time period. 

Ok, so we are getting all the best tips on how to make sure your fleece blanket is laundered perfectly. So is there anything you should avoid?

What to Avoid?

Bleach and fabric softeners should be avoided because they can affect the blanket's dye and also cause damage to the fibers. 

Since polyester fleece is stain-resistant by nature, washing it with cold water and a minimal amount of detergent will be enough to clean your fleece blanket. 

Sometimes we have a few accidents with our fleece blankets and may spill something on them! Maybe some splashes from your tea or even a glass of wine! Let’s see how to get rid of the tougher stains.

How to remove tough stains from a fleece blanket

Follow the tips below to make your fleece blanket as good as new. 

?     For tough stains that would not budge, pre-treat those spots with a drop of regular dishwashing liquid, letting it soak on the spot for about fifteen minutes, and then blot it away with a washcloth or paper towel. 

?     Hang your fleece blankets up to air dry, or place them in the dryer on a no-heat, gentle cycle. 

?     Avoid exposing your fleece blanket to direct sunlight or high temperatures, because that will cause its fibers to shrink or melt.


And finally…

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