1. Wedding Photo Blanket. Call us partial. But we happen to be a fan of our work. A photo blanket, in all seriousness, makes a great unique wedding gift idea. A photo of the happy couple on a blanket is something that will help them remember their bond for years to come. Our suggestion? Opt for a collage photo blanket if you have enough pictures of the two as their relationship progressed. 

 2. Mini Plants. Help them put down roots, literally. Several online companies will ship mini plants to the couple that they can plant on the weekends. This is a must unique gift for newlyweds who have just purchased a new home in addition to tying the knot. 

 3. A French Press. If you must give an appliance as a gift, think outside the box. French presses are becoming more popular in American homes. If the couple you care about are early risers, they will love this trendy and fashionable way to start their day. 

4. Personalized Ceramic Bowl. A great way to help the new couple with their dishware is by making it personal. You can create your own personalized ceramic bowls on a number of websites online (just use Google to get you started). Commemorate each bowl with a special message personal to you and the couple, or just their names and the date of the wedding. 

 5. Send them Out on a Date. Just because they're not dating anymore doesn't mean they won't need a couples night out. This is an especially good idea for new couples expecting, or already with kids. Offer to babysit and pay for reservations at a trendy restaurant of their choice. 

 6. Honeymoon Items. Know where the couple is going on a honeymoon? That will help you create a truly unique wedding gift. Think outside the box and use their destination as your guide. For example, if the couple is going to an ocean-side resort, book a couple's massage on you! If the couple is outdoorsy, make a packaged with trail mix, maps, bug spray, etc. Honeymoon wedding gifts are also perfect if you are on a budget and need to save. 

 7. Personalized Serving Board. A new marriage means the newlyweds will be seeking out other couples. If you are looking for a unique wedding gift for a social couple, buy them a personalized serving board. The couple that hosts their friends can use it to serve cheese, crackers and other appetizers. Embellish the board with their names and the date of their wedding. It makes a great conversation starter at a party! 

 8. Museum Membership. If the marriage is between two cultured people, help them share their passions with a museum membership. Many modern couples are asking for gifts in the form of experiences rather than things. A membership to their favorite museum will give them unlimited visits for a year, plus special access to things they may not normally see! 

 However you wish to say congratulations to the happy couple making it personal will help them treasure your gift, rather than adding it to a pile. View our blog often for more gift ideas, decorating tips and more! And don't forget to browse our wedding blankets for wedding gift inspiration!