What Is a Sherpa Blanket? Facts, Uses, Printing, a Guide
There’s a multitude of blanket types available from many different cultures and countries. One of those is the Sherpa Blanket, but if you’ve never heard of it, then you might be wondering what is a sherpa blanket? 

So, in this article, we’re going to answer the question what is a sherpa blanket, as well as provide some details about its material and history, along with some interesting facts, and a guide on printing on to Sherpa blankets and whether it’s possible. 

What is a Sherpa Blanket? 

The word ‘Sherpa’ is given to the name of a fleece made out of polyester and falls under the ‘stretch knit polyester fleece fabric’ category. It has some distinct features, such as; one side is a smooth knit, while the other side has a soft furry texture, giving it the feel of sheep fleece. 

But that’s not the only unique feature about the Sherpa blanket so read on for more details. So, now we’ve seen the quick answer, let’s take a quick look at where it came from? 

Sherpa blanket fabric: A history 

The name ‘Sherpa’ was inspired by the dressing of the Sherpa people of Nepal. Sherpa people were a tribe of ethnic natives residing in the most mountainous areas of Nepal. The tribe used to wear outfits that closely resemble the Sherpa fabric, hence the name. 

Sherpa fabric is made from a mix of different materials, such as; polyester and acrylic. The fact that it is made to resemble a sheep’s fur makes Sherpa a synthetic fabric, because all materials that are made artificially - especially in the case where it’s supposed to resemble something natural, is most often a synthetic material. 

 Sherpa fabric was introduced as an eco-friendly alternative to real fur and wool. The material was made to resemble the real thing, which means it has more or less the same characteristics as wool and real fur. 

The Sherpa blanket is soft, furry, and fluffy to the touch and pretty warm. Compared to fabric made from actual sheepskin, Sherpa fabric is a much more animal-friendly material and not to mention, much cheaper as well. 

To understand more about what is a Sherpa blanket, here are some things you probably didn’t know about the Sherpa blanket... 

Interesting facts about Sherpa fabric 

  • Sherpa Blankets are great for maintaining body warmth and insulation 
  • Sherpa fabric is most popular for its warmth. It’s a great shield against wind and cold weather, making it a must-have during winters 
  • It will wick away perspiration from the body as it’s quick to absorb any moisture 
  • Sherpa blankets dry quickly 
  • It’s a reasonably light material. Its lightweight characteristic is also one of its main selling points. 
  • Sherpa blankets are reasonably low maintenance. It’s easily washable and will dry quickly 

 The fact that it is unlike many other fabrics such as wool, etc, Sherpa fabric is super light and not at all bulky making it a great alternative to heavier fabrics 

Sherpa blanket uses 

Sherpa fabric is an artificial fabric that is also used in many other types of products, the list is endless. However, let's talk about the specific Sherpa fabric product - sherpa blankets! 

Sherpa blankets are unique among blanket types and have a multitude of uses. Sherpa blankets have 2 sides to them. One side of it is smoothly knitted together while the other is soft and furry to the touch, much like a real sheep fleece.
Another major benefit is that blankets made out of Sherpa fabric are lightweight, which makes them ideal to throw over yourself to keep warm, without feeling the heavy burden of thick woven fabric. 

Who can or should use Sherpa blankets? 

The Sherpa blanket is a neutral garment and usually manufactured in neutral colors. 

Anyone and everyone who likes to have a good night’s sleep, or feel the need to hide behind a blanket while watching scary movies. Sherpa blankets are also often used as comfort blankets. 

It won’t only keep the cold away but most importantly, all the scary monsters too! 

However, if you really do want to narrow it down to specific people, It’s suggested to be a must-have for the elderly and for new mothers. 

Being in your golden years is often about being comfortable - and using a thick and heavy material blanket doesn’t really go with ‘comfortable’, so, give Sherpa blankets a try! 

And as for new mothers, this can be your new best friend. Not only will it keep your baby warm and cozy through the night but it will also keep your baby dry ...due to its moisture-absorbing properties, and easy washing and drying ability. 

Different Shapes, Sizes, and Designs of Sherpa blankets 

Traditionally, a blanket is rectangular., but this is by no means set in stone, it’s just what we’re most commonly used to ...and it’s convenient. 

However, if rectangular blankets aren’t your thing, don’t worry! You can find a wealth of varying designs, such as circles, ovals, hearts, and even mermaid tails! 

Yes, there are actual mermaid shaped Sherpa blankets! When it comes to Sherpa blankets, you don’t need to worry about finding the perfect color or design, they come in a variety of different colors and designs. Most stores that sell Sherpa blankets will provide a range from multicolored blankets to blankets with special quotes or/and images

Sherpa blankets also come in different sizes. Sizes that suit everyone from babies to really tall adults. And if by chance your luck has run out and you can’t find one, well you can even get them specially tailored. 

How to tell Sherpa blankets from other blankets

Sherpa blankets are unique. They’re made in a way that they imitate real sheepskin when you see and touch them. This is one of the biggest and most obvious ways you can differentiate between a Sherpa blanket and any other blanket.

 For instance, a woven blanket, which is made from raw thread and has a rougher texture when compared to a Sherpa blanket’s softer texture. Furthermore, another way to distinguish between a Sherpa blanket and any other is by its weight. Most other materials are thick and bulky, some more than others. Whereas, Sherpa blankets are airy and super lightweight. 

Can you print on to a Sherpa blanket? 

Sherpa blankets are a great choice for printing a photo on to or to add wording or personalized message via the dye sublimation method. Sherpa blankets can be printed in a finish that will complement the style and color to the fleece (smooth) side of the blanket. Whether it’s a photo print or lettering. 

That said, there are some blanket types that lend themselves very well for other purposes. Namely blankets for additional bed linen, or to mark a special occasion. Woven blankets and/or fleece blankets are ideal for these purposes. 

Our printed Sherpa blankets are a superbly large size at 50" x 60" or 60" x 80", and are a perfect idea when you’re looking for that unique gift for an upcoming birthday or other celebration. 

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