Woven Photo Pillow
Woven 100% Cotton Photo Pillow

Woven Photo Pillow

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Our 17" x 17" woven photo pillows provide the best way for you to relax with your favorite memories close by. They also provide a unique and personalized decorative touch to your home for all to see and enjoy.
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What is better than providing a unique gift such as a customized pillow with a beautiful and memorable photo on the front? We guarantee that you or the person you give this gift to will cherish this gift for years to come. You can choose a beautiful picture of your children, your grandchildren, a picture from your wedding day, or anything else you find memorable and close to your heart.

Capture the memories of your best family moments with personalized photo pillows. The joy that these pillows inspire will last for years. There is nothing better than sharing your favorite memories in a way that everyone will see and appreciate.

Perhaps you have a pet that you want to memorialize, which is certainly possible with one of these unique pillows. We are sure that your loved ones will enjoy receiving one of these pillows as a heartwarming gift, no matter what the occasion. Celebrate those moments in life that mean the most to you by ordering one of these beautiful pillows today.

Shipping within the Continental U.S. is always free and we provide you with a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not absolutely pleased with the quality of your photo pillows, just let us know and we will do what we can to please you.

Display these in a special place for all to see and you will surely inspire wonderful conversations among family and friends. You can even send one of these pillows off to college with your child so he or she can take the memories with them.

Whatever reason you choose to order one of our unique photo pillows, we guarantee that we will provide you with our best efforts and artisanship. We know how important your memories are to you. We aim to please with the friendliest service and the best quality products. Just tell us what size pillow you want to order and provide us with a quality photograph and we will provide you with a unique and memorable gift. All of our heartwarming products will bring tears of joy to your eyes and fill your home with memories.